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"Life is precious in God’s sight. All life; black, brown, yellow, red, and white from the womb to the grave and beyond. He loves us."
Francine Rivers

The grander vision of "Preciousness of Life" is to value ALL LIFE.

We strongly believe that the Mera Summit in October 2017 at 6475 m, was just the beginning of ‘Preciousness of Life’. Our vision is to raise awareness for the detrimental effects of abortion, to raise funds to provide the help and support for those mothers in their time of need. Informed people can make a better choice.

We have chosen this summit, because above 6000m human life cannot be sustained for an extended period of time and we wanted to take a stand for LIFE in the lower realm of death zone.

The aim is threefold internationally and locally:


Awareness of the magnitude of abortion and the effect of abortion. There are alternatives to consider.


To raise funds to assist those mothers in crises pregnancies.


Establish counseling/help for those mothers who had abortions.

All life is valuable!

Global abortion numbers according to World Health Organization (WHO)

is approximately 40-50 million. (www.worldometers.info/abortions/)

The loss of lives does not end here, but continues with the mothers.

Many studies conclude that the effects of abortion on mental health reveal elevated scores for guilt, shame and IES (Impact of Event Scores). Their findings suggest that the feelings of guilt and shame associated with abortion contribute to slower improvement in mental health.

The emotional side effects of having an abortion are just as real as physical side effects. They include regret, anger, guilt, shame, sense of loneliness or isolation, loss of self-confidence, insomnia or nightmares, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts and feelings, eating disorder, depression and anxiety.

Even without considering the loss of the mother’s life we still end up with a horrendous loss of lives exceeding 50 million every year due to abortion. How does these numbers relate to the world we know ?

The population of South Africa in 2016 was 55.91 million.

50 to 80 million people died in the Second World War.

From our perspective this would mean that in one year human life in South Africa will be extinct! Everyone view the deaths of the Second World War as horrific, but it happens every year with abortion repeatedly!

Our hearts break with the thought of what happens with the mothers and the babies and all the valuable lives that are lost because of it.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the
things that matter."
- Martin Luther King

We do not need funding for our personal expenses or the summit but dream of voicing the preciousness and sanctity of ALL LIFE by summiting, to mobilise people/organisations to get involved and to take action. We have the support of Focus of the Family, Choose Life Church, Global Leadership Summit SA and Ellel ministries but dream to link up with likeminded originations such as Melinda Gates at the Gates foundation.

The world can become a better place, one small step at a time,
reaching one mother at a time. We can make a difference
What are you willing to do?

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